Roasting for Flavours Intensive 2-days class
◾ WHAT? Training ◾ WHERE? Warszawa, Al. Krakowska 145 ◾ WHEN? 12-13/12/2019 ◾ ENTRANCE FEE: €600 or 2550 zł ◾ LANGUAGE: english and polish _____________________________________ This is the profesional Roasting class explaining flavours in coffee you’ve been looking for! In Coffee Roasting there is no right or wrong that is why we call it an Art, yet every roaster has to know all the rules in order to be able to break them. The art of roasting is to create the best profile for the coffee you have on the equipment you use. The taste of the end product will be influenced by many factors: Maillard reaction, Caramelisation, Time of each milestone of the roasting process, Temperature, Drum speed, Airflow and many more. Want to understand how each of those factors affect the taste and how to combine them? This training is for you! What you will learn after the training: - How length of Maillard reaction affects the profile. - How length of Caramelisation process affects the profile. - How total time of roast will affect the profile. - How to plan your roast profile and achieve the expected results. - How to move a roast profile from one machine to another (e.g. from samples to production). - What is Omni- roast and why you should think about using it. - What are the recognized roasting defects and how are they achieved (know your enemy). - Understand the rules of roasting and how to break them to create your signature cup to profile. What is the equipment we will be roasting on? - IKAWA samplers (and Yes you fill finally learn how to use it!). - Drum sample roasters 0,5kilo (Besca Bee). - Production drum roaster 5 kilo (Besca BSC-05). We will have multiple cuppings during the 2 days + you will receive the final samples for your follow up cupping after the training. The course is focusing on roasting for flavours. What are the requirements to attend the course? as a candidate to attend this course you have to have at least Foundation level in Sensory skills and at least Foundation level in Roasting skills or relevant experience. The class will be dynamic and we will work fast. How is the course different from SCA Roasting Intermediate? The program of SCA Roasting Intermediate is focusing on roasting consistently and roasting quality control and does not focus on roasting for flavours. The programs are not crossed between each other and attending both SCA Roasting Intermediate and this course will help you become more professional and better understand what you do and how you do it. You can choose that course after passing your SCA Roasting Intermediate to convert your knowledge to cup-to-profile skills. Your trainer: Raf Mlodzianowski, SCA AST in Roasting, Sensory, Brewing, Green & Barista. CQI Q- Grader in Arabica. 10+ years in Coffee industry including 5+ years in education, coffee management, roasting, consulting both startups and big corporations, judging, coaching for the competitions and many more. Class language: English + Polish. Assistant trainer will be present during the class. Price: 600 Eur including VAT or 2550 PLN Register or ask more questions by mail: [email protected] Event link on our web-site: ➖➖➖ Find out more on Facebook event:
Introduction to Coffeeshop Management as a Business
◾ WHAT? Training ◾ WHERE? Warszawa, Al. Krakowska 145 ◾ WHEN? 12/12/2019 ◾ ENTRANCE FEE: €900 ◾ LANGUAGE: english, possible translation _____________________________________ This 4-day intensive training is aimed for those who want to deeper understanding Coffeeshop Management as a business or start your own Cofeeshop. Having experience in HoReCa / Coffee industry or not, managing a Specialty Coffeeshop requires you to make decisions every day, which in their turn require to have knowledge in multiple disciplines. This 4-day introductory course will take you to the coffee journey from tree to cup, highlighting the major aspects of bean to cup money flow, venue management, human resources and more. Day 1: Introduction to Coffeeshop Management as a Business. Understanding how the money goes from customer to farm. Potential issues you can face if you start the business incorrectly. Ways to maximise the potential of your location. Workflow management. Setting up for growth. Hiring, education and human resource. Day2: Sensory Foundation This course explores the essentials of sensory evaluation in a practical and interactive manner. It investigates the way we perceive what we taste and how to apply this knowledge when evaluating coffee’s natural characteristics. After that course you will be able to identifying specialty coffee qualities, identify basic tastes and aromatic compounds groups, set up coffee tasting using Cupping protocol and apply that in your daily work. Day 3: Brewing Foundation This course introduces you to the different methods of brewing coffee. You will receive theoretical and practical hands-on instruction for a range of devices including automatic and manual brewers, most commonly used. You will learn how to professionally approach brewing equipment. You will explore how to produce a tasty brew based on an understanding of the essential brewing elements and an analysis of your results. Day 4: Barista Foundation. This dcourse explains and teaches efficient workflow, grinder setting, milk steaming and menu production. The class is designed to quickly familiarise you with espresso machinery so that you are fast and neat with your presentation of espresso based drinks. You will finish the day able to make the full Espresso-based menu, confident in the use of grinder and machine. This 4 days course price is 900€ including 3 SCA certificates SCA Modules are open to participate separately yet the Business day is closed to bundle only. Your trainer: Raf Mlodzianowski, SCA AST in Sensory, Brewing, Roasting, Green & Barista. CQI Q- Grader in Arabica. 10+ years in Coffee industry including 5+ years education, coffee management, roasting, consulting both startups and big corporations, judging, coaching for the competitions and many more. Training languages: English. Assistance translation to Polish or Russian on demand. Register by contacting us in Messages or by e-mail [email protected] ➖➖➖ Find out more on Facebook event:
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